Which support do students need? How should school courses with focus on career orientation be organized? These and other questions are in the foreground of a very exciting project coordinated by the Lloyd Gymnasium (Bremerhaven).

The background behind this project idea was the high unemployment rate of young people especially in the south of Europe, but also in the north of Germany. There are a lot of young people without any future ideas and job perspectives. Our objective in school is to prepare them better for the future job market and to teach them key skills to be prepared and have more opportunities to find work. Especially now with the world wide crises due to the Covid 19 there will be more people without a job but it also can be a chance to find a job in the systemically relevant professional field knowing the right skills, be prepared and know where to look for a job. But it’s not the only reason for this idea. We have more and more students who don’t want to finished school and finally leave school without any degree. To prevent this the students need to have a perspective for their future, they have to know different kind of working fields and have to find out their own skills to be motivated for school. Only when they know where to study for its much easier for them. Without any target in life it’s much more difficult for a lot of pupils.

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